About AtinaHome


ATINA Home is a simple and modern Smart Home system produced by Keratronik.

It consists of a KeySensor and a MultiSensor connected by a phone application. Using the KeySensor, you can remotely lock and unlock the door and make the apartment available to family and guests. MultiSensor controls room parameters, from air quality and the number of people in the apartment to the noise level.

ATINA responds to the needs of 3 groups: individual owners (ATINA HOME), property owners and managers (ATINA RENT) and developers (ATINA ESTATE).


SmartHome of the next generation

Unlike traditional Smart Homes, Atina Home is a system with built-in functions necessary to control your home. The customer does not need to connect additional sensors.


Atina Home is an easy-to-use system designed with individual apartment owners in mind. It consists of a KeySensor for the door and a MultiSensor, which examines, among others, temperature or air humidity in the apartment.

Comfort and safety

The Atina Home system allows you to remotely take care of security, including: using the application, it informs whether the lock is closed and how many people are in the apartment. This is possible because there is a MultiSensor in the apartment, which is connected to the application.


Atina Home responds to the constantly changing needs of individual clients who require simple, effective, safe solutions that make everyday life easier, including: the ability to manage their property from anywhere in the world.


Atina Home devices fit most locks, which in practice means that installing the KeySensor does not require permanent interference in the door structure. The assembly process is easy and reversible.